Warframe Credit Farming Guide

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Warframe Credit Farming Guide – Credits play a really important role in the game, platinum and credits are required to make progress in the game. You need platinum to buy slots, credits to craft stuff such as weapons, warframe and other important things in the game. Even some quests require credits.


There is a lot of information available around the web, reddit, wikis and all. But most of them are outdated, not relevant enough, or don’t give you enough credits for the time you invest. This guide that we have prepared for you, is the best way to farm credit in warframe as of now.

Below we have written a few places where you can head to, for farming credits within minimal period of time.


The index is a corupus arena hosted by Nef Anyo on Neptune, you have to fight with Corpus enemies and grab the points they drop. There are 3 options to choose from, low, medium or High. Both have their extra modifiers and stuff.

Risk Wager Profit Point Target
Low ‍ 45,000 ‍ 75,000 25 Points
Medium ‍ 60,000 ‍ 135,000 50 Points
High ‍ 75,000 ‍ 200,000 100 Points

Most of the people around will advise you to run Low or High Risk mission, but the best one is medium. High is difficult due to the financial stress and the low one is not rewarding enough. Medium Risk in doable though for SOLOs if you have good weapons and the right build for your tanky frame.

Frames that can Solo Index

  • Rhino Prime
  • Inaros
  • Mesa –
  • Ash with Fatal Teleport

Weapons to use

  • High Range Melee such as Orthos Prime or Atterax
  • High Damage Shotgun (Tigris Prime) or a Rifle (Sybaris Prime)

Earlier it used to be really easy using Volt and Telos Boltace spinning around and killing enemies at ease while your tanky team mate runs around and collects the points. Too bad they nerfed the Telos boltace *cries in a corner*.

If you buy a credit booster you will get double the credits as reward with the same investment. Whenever I am low on credits, I buy a credit booster on weekends and grind out the medium index with my clan mates.

This mode is not recommended for SOLO since there would be specters running around making the mission really tough for you.


Index is not suitable for most players around playing SOLO because it requires proper setup and you have to keep an eye on the timer. If you are the one who likes playing SOLO without having any stress around, hieracon is the way to go.

Dark Sector Hieracon

Before Index came out, Hieracon was my go to place for farming credits. Hieracon is the best place to farm credits, you just have to get in, deploy an excavator, defend it for a while and extract.

It is recommended that you run this mission SOLO because no one would extract with you after running one single excavator. People join Hieracon mostly for farming Axi and Neo relics.

  • Without Credit Booster: 25k
  • With Credit Booster: 50k

Best Frame for Hieracon

  • Frost Prime Icy Avalanche Build
  • Limbo Duration and Range Build

Best Weapons for Hieracon

Take anything you like that can kill enemies of 35-40 level. I love using my Orthos Prime and Ignis Wraith with CC+CD Riven.

That’s all for Warframe Credit Farming. If you have any questions or better suggestions drop them in the comment section below. If you are facing any issues related to the game ask us out, we are here to help.

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